Our Story: Express-O Café started as a dream for our family early in 2020 when we wanted to give a unique space for the community to be able to enjoy their coffee and local artist work. Starting as a family endeavor, we want to share our love for brewing coffee at any time of the day and baking with everyone else. Our love for the arts allows us to use our café as an art gallery for our community to show their talent and create a lively home. Expressing ourselves is what we do best. 

Upcoming events

Every month Express -O- Café has a drink, a dessert, and an artist they advertise. The drink and the dessert of the month go along with the season or the month we are in.

Every month the gallery changes with new submissions from local artists. During the month, customers who are staying in the café get a ballot and get to vote for what they think is the best painting that month. When the ballots are counted and the winning artwork is known we have a special spot for the painting, and the artist is featured on our website with contact Information for potential job opportunities or clients.

Express O café gives local artists an opportunity for their artwork to be displayed throughout the café. The artwork will be displayed in the café for an entire month and then taken down and replaced with new art that is submitted. All forms of art are welcomed! 


If you are interested in submitting a piece of artwork, here is how.  all artwork must be submitted by the second Sunday of each month to be approved. To submit your artwork, bring your piece to the café and hand it to the designated worker by the coffee stand. All artwork must be gallery ready.

Nutritious Food and Drinks: Our food and drinks are crafted with top organic and natural homemade ingredients. We use only the best for our community.

Drink Menu

Beverage Sizes – Short (8 fl oz) $3.00, Tall (12 fl oz) $4.00, Grande (16 fl oz) $5.00, Venti (24 fl oz) $6.00, Trenta (30 fl oz) $7.00



  • Hot Coffee
    • Coffee – 5 Cal 
    • Americano – 5 Cal
    • Espresso – 5 Cal
    • Cappuccino – 120 Cal
    • Macchiato – 40 Cal
    • Latte – 50 Cal
  • Iced Coffee
    • Iced Latte – 50 Cal
    • Frozen Coffee – 670 Cal
    • Iced Macchiato – 40 Cal
    • Iced Cappuccino – 80 Cal
    • Iced Americano – 5 Cal
    • Iced Coffee – 5 Cal
    • Cold Brew – 5 Cal
  • Tea
    • Iced Green Tea – 0 Cal
    • Iced Matcha Tea Latte – 200 Cal
    • Iced Peach Green Tea – 60 Cal
    • Iced Black Tea – 0 Cal
    • Iced Chai Tea Latte – 230 Cal

Our Food

Sandwiches & Wraps

  • Sunnyside up Wrap $3.99
    • Bacon, Sausage, & Egg Wrap – 650 Cal
  • Joy-wich $3.99
    • Sausage, Cheddar & Egg Sandwich – 460 Cal
  • Thankful Wrap $3.99
    • Turkey Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich – 470 Cal      
  • Expresso Wrap $4.99
    • (Gluten Free logo) Bacon, Sausage, & Egg Wrap – 600 Cal


  • Bage – O $2.00 
    • Bagel – 340 Cal. $2.00
    • Plain
    • Multigrain
  • Kooky Kookie $1.00
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie (Gluten Free logo) – 360 Cal
  • Expresso Muffin 550 Cal. $2.00
    • Gluten Free Muffin
  • Azure muffin 550 Cal. $2.00
    • Blueberry Muffin
  • Kooky Muffin  550 Cal. $2.00
    • Chocolate chip muffin 
  • Glazed Donut – 320 Cal $ 2.00


Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

About Our Café

Our Home

Our café is a home for the people of Cleveland. We opened a small shop on the corner of a busy street with just the right amount of creativity in the air for all to enjoy. We bring expression throughout our business and provide excellent service in our little café. We have some of the best natural lighting and decor that make our shop feel homey.