Express -O- Café Brochure

Express-O-Café is a hypothetical coffee shop where customers can enjoy coffee and local art. Throughout this brand, I show the creativity the café brings to its customers. The logo, consists of various expressive fonts, like Bistro Script. The colors are sea green and dark blue green to show that the café uses all natural ingredients. 

The brochure is a double gatefold that is 7.5 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It shows expressiveness in different ways. The color, tan is introduced to add variety in 

the design. The fonts are used in the logo are in the brochure. The headlines are a calligraphy font called Bistro script and the subheads is in a handwritten font called Avocado Cake. The body copy is a San Serif font called Costa Std, which is an easy font to read for the viewers. Throughout the brochure, paint drips and the coffee rings were created in Adobe Illustrator. These elements are used to show the audience that the café is a creative artistic place to eat and drink. 

Express -O- Café Versions and color Ideas

Final logo and Colors

Brochure Styles done in InDesign

Final Version: pages 3, 8, 1, 2
Final Version: pages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8