Pitbulls: History & Breeds Brochure

Software: Adobe Indesign 2022 | Adobe Photoshop 2022 | Adobe Illustrator 2022

Pitbulls: History and Breeds is a informational brochure about the history and the different breeds of pitbulls. Throughout this brochure readers will gain information about the breeds migration from Great Britain to America, the cultural influence, and the five different pitbull breeds one can adopt. 

The brown and blue aesthetic is utilized throughout the brochure to represent the colors of pitbulls fur and eyes. The blues were used to give the audience a sense of calmness to amplify how this breed acts. The brown tones give out the sense of dependability humans and pitbulls have on eachother. 

This brochure is a informational guide to people who are skeptical of adopting a pitbull. It features descriptions of each breed, the history, images of pitbulls and more spread across the 12 page brochure.