The Best Places to Visit the Cleveland Skyline

Software Adobe Illustrator 2021

The Best Places to see the Cleveland Skyline is a conceptual infographic that informs Cleveland natives and visitors about places to see the skyline. It shows the viewer an illustration of the skyline and a history lesson of how the location developed throughout time. The infographic also uses icons to deliver the viewers information about the best time during the day to visit, if they pay for parking, there is a Cleveland Script sign and pay for parking.

A sunset and Cleveland aesthetic is utilized in The Best Places to see the Cleveland Skyline emphasizing what the infographic tells the viewer. The colors orange and purple represent the color of the sky at sunset or sunrise. The cursive font used as headlines represents the six Cleveland Script Signs. 

The infographic is a detailed guide to show viewers where they can see the Cleveland Skyline. It features a view of the skyline, the history of each location, and more across the eight different Instagram posts.